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[quote=Onioner;512393]Prophecy may have been the first single, but Nostradamus and Visions were definitely released online before that song. I remember because those two songs were released near the end of my freshman year of high school and my friends and I thought those songs were awesome as hell and we were convinced that Nostradamus would rule. Nostradamus has enough great songs on it to fill a 45-50 minute LP, but as a two hour long double album it's about 60% interlude filler and mediocre songs. I give them credit for basically writing for themselves instead of for a particular audience for the first time since basically Stained Class, but the album as a whole really isn't very good. And as for the production, it's anything but one of the best produced of the last fifteen years or whatever. The strings all sounded like low quality keyboard samples, Ian's bass was pretty much non-existent, and Scott's drums were buried (and dude was forced to play the lamest drum parts he's ever done). If Priest had actually gone with a real producer instead of having Glenn and KK produce themselves, Nostradamus might have actually been pretty damn good.

I agree with you on Nostradamus. It had its moments but was overall a disappointment. I am interested to see who produces the new album and what Ritchie Faulkner adds to the creative process. I would love to hear Priest return to something along the lines of Painkiller or Screaming For Vengeance.
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