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Volumes -- Lee's Summit, MO -- February 15th, 2013

Don't know if anyone here is fan, doubt it, but hey you never know
The show was pretty packed, especially considering it was in a community church but its a pretty cool place. They even had The Acacia strain there a few years back anyway I got there late and ended up missing most of the locals, there were six of them, which sucks because they are all great bands. But I managed to catch the last 2 including Broflex, who's been getting a lot of hate on facebook lately I recommend them for any one who likes good ol fashioned tough guy hardcore then there were a couple of touring bands, Every Passing Dream and Barrier and they were pretty good. Volumes took the stage about 10 and they completely killed it! Great stage performance, and excellent crowd interaction. You could definitely tell they enjoyed the small venue. Everyone ate it up, and there was a little crowd surfing and almost everyone was screaming along. I know most people here hate anything that is "djenty" but these guys do it right.

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