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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
They aren't booking that big venue in hopes of selling it out. Dixie Carter is an idiot when it comes to running a wrestling company but she isn't that dumb. This venue, The Allamodome, has special seating setups so they can have other samll events there as well. That's what TNA is doing here. They're not selling tickets for the whole place just for the smaller set up shown on the seating chart. In total that's probably about five thousand tickets which TNA has drawn for PPV's before.

TNA announced where Lockdown was taking place long before the news broke that the WWE was blocking them from booking certian places. This booking choice has nothing to do with what the WWE is doing.

Bully Ray used to book the venues back when he worked in ECW. They should have him do that for TNA. He knew the right size places to book ECW and I believe he would know how to do that for TNA as well. More importantly, since he's from New York City, he would book TNA to run shows in that area along with shows in Philly, Jersey, Boston, Chicago and Detroit. These have always been hot wrestling areas. They need to start booking more shows up north if they ever want to get anywhere. The live Impact in Chicago next month is a huge step in the right direction for them.
I never fully read the original post about the WWE renting out other arenas in the area and blocking TNA. But they couldn't have booked every bingo hall in town.

I think I've heard of the Allamodome but I know nothing of it. Is there some prestige that comes with saying you booked a show there?
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