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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post

Thats the seating chart for TNA's next big PPV. WWE got wind of TNA trying to book good venues so WWE paid off reserves so TNA can't book them so TNA had a to book a arena.

Kind of a dick move to book a venue that you dont even plan on using though I had that happen once when my dad and I were booking indy wrestling shows last year.
This has to be a joke. Why would TNA even think to try booking an arena that big? I'm not going to start TNA bashing but they are just not that big. If WWE rented half the arena out from them or not, the place would still probably be half empty anyway. And they'd be paying for the full arena!

No this has to be a joke. If it isn't I have no sympathy for TNA when they're back to doing shows only at the Impact Zone in September.
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