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Megadeth -- Toronto, Ontario -- January 13th, 1998

Support: Coal Chamber, Life of Agony
Date: January 13th, 1998
Venue: the Warehouse in Toronto, Ontario
Source: (they seem right to me, and any other dates from around the same time are the same)

Probably one of the strangest touring line-ups Iíve ever seen. Iím only really posting it because Coal Chamber is back and someone here may find it interesting.

Life of Agony had just parted with Keith Caputo a few weeks before this show so Whitfeld Crane of Ugly Kid Joe was singing for them. And he did a really good job. Itís been so long so I can barely remember what they played but I know they played This Time, Through and Through and Weeds because those where the only songs I was familiar with by them at the time. But they played four or five more.

I was really young at the time (seventeen) and nu-metal wasnít that annoying anomaly it became a few years later, so Iím not embarrassed to say that I liked Coal Chamber. They were heavy, catchy, simple and reminded me (sort of) of KoRn, who were one of my favorite bands at the time. I bought their album after the show and really didnít like it as much as I had their live performance. They did this great feedback drone at the beginning of Loco for about a minute and it was really cool.

Coal Chamber
1. Loco
2. Oddity 

3. Bradley 

4. Clock 

5. Sway 

6. I 

7. Big Truck 

I wasnít a huge Megadeth fan at the time but I just liked going to concerts. I think I may have only heard Youthanasia, Peace Sells...but Who's Buying, Rust in Peace and the singles from any of the other albums out at the time. Megadeth get a lot of shit but Iíve seen them three times and Iíve always enjoyed them. My friends dad was waiting in the car in the parking lot for us (ala Homer Simpson) so I just asked that we wait until they played Peace Sells, which ended up being right at the end of the set so we just stayed for the rest.

1. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due 

2. In My Darkest Hour 

3. Hangar 18 

4. Sin 

5. Reckoning Day 

6. A Secret Place 

7. She-Wolf 

8. Angry Again 

9. A Tout Le Monde 

10. I'll Get Even 

11. Use the Man 

12. Trust 

13. Almost Honest 

14. Sweating Bullets 

15. Symphony of Destruction 

16. Peace SellsÖbut Whoís Buying
17. FFF 

18. Anarchy in the U.K.
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