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Originally Posted by Chris_M_S View Post
Glad to hear it from our resident expert on international extradition law
Well if the judge let him go home & told him he did not have to return for the conclusion of the trial common sense suggests the judge must not view him as much of a threat compared to when he was first taken into custody and they kept him incarcerated at all costs until they raped him of damn near a half a million dollars.

I worked transportation at the prison I work for a few years. In KY farmers hire Mexican immigrants to do manual labor. You would be surprised at how many commit crimes and end up in prison. I sat on few cases in court due to transporting the immigrants. The INS people don't play around. I certainly don't know everything about extridition but I've seen enough to know that if they truly think someone is guilty the judge would never let roam free. Just my 2 cents. Randy being allowed to return home is a good sign imo.
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