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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
If anyone in the world can help him its DDP. I mean hell look at what he did with Jake The Snake.
What did he do with Jake? I've read a few things about him moving in with DDP to do his yoga thing to get back into shape and that's it.

I've read a lot of wrestlers have used DDP's yoga to help them recover from injuries and it's gotten some great reviews. But I fail to see how this is gonna help a trainwreck like Scott Hall with his substance abuse problems. Nobody has been able to save this guy. He's been to rehab many times through the years and he still can't kick his abuse problems. None of his friends or family have been able to get him to stop either. Some people just can't be saved. Unfortunately, I think Scott Hall is one of them.

Jake has been pretty bad at times when it comes to his addictions but it's nowhere near the level that Scott Hall is at.
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