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Gojira -- Toronto, Ontario -- February 13th, 2013

Flying Whales
The Heaviest Matter of the Universe
L'Enfant Sauvage
The Art of Dying
Toxic Garbage Island
Wisdom Comes
*Drum Solo*
The Axe

The Gift of Guilt

I could have sworn I heard some random instrumental jam or song before Toxic Garbage Island, though that was probably just the end of Art of Dying and I forgot.

The Elephants were marching last night indeed. Not much more to say about this show. I don't think there is a better band live than Gojira, in terms of the combination of heaviness, energy, and most importantly tightness. They just sound so fucking good live, I didn't even think sounding that good was possible. I've seen them in a live setting twice before (opening for In Flames in 2008 and last summer's Heavy TO where I thought they were the best performance on that whole festival that weekend), but seeing them headline in a club is something else. Obviously other factors go into what makes a concert the best concert ever, but in terms of just sheer performance by the band, Gojira takes the cake easily over any other band i've seen. It's not even close. Or even fair now that I think about it. Whoever their sound guy(s) is/are must have some sort of golden ear.

Not too familiar Devin Townsend's solo stuff, but i'm sure his set was the same as the other shows. Opened with More! which is awesome as it's probably the best song on Epicloud. Lucky Animals was obviously played, and he closed with Grace (I think). And Kingdom was probably played. Barely saw Atlas Moth thanks to the lines for the merch and bathroom (The Phoenix has one Men's washroom but I believe 3 for women. At a show with probably 70-80% dudes, it's a pain in the ass. Oh, and the neither of the stalls have a lock on them for some reason, so good luck if you ever have to take a shit while watching a show, which for me is usually more than the average person) but from what I did see/hear they aren't really my thing.
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