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I was at this show as well, was on the rail right in front of Eric's mic, so a little down from the OP. Thoroughly enjoyed the show, though being where I was I couldn't hear the guitar on the other side of the stage at all. Alex's solos were non-existent. Luckily I was a bit down from all the crowd surfers, but yeah that shit got out of control during Testament.

Small note...Overkill did not play Infectious as that set list indicates. Must have been short on time. Flotsam and Jetsam played longer than I thought they would, so maybe that is why Infectious was cut. I enjoyed seeing F and J having been a big fan of the first two records all of those years ago. If anyone is interested this is what they played:

Ugly Noise
Iron Tears
Escape From Within
Hard On You
Gitty Up (I think it was this...was from the new album)
No Place For Disgrace
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