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It offends me that she never did Playboy. Especially using a bullshit excuse like "I want to be remembered for my wrestling skills." Bitch you did a gazillion photos like that where you showed everything except nipples and slits, you don't deserve that kind of honor. Her so called "wrestling skills" were never brought to anyone's attention until she started having "great matches" with Lita, which is like people realizing Kevin Nash's great wrestling skills after his matches with Shawn Michaels. Having a match with Shawn Michaels/Lita does not make you a great wrestler.

The only divas who get a pass on never doing nudity are Beth Phoenix and Lita. That thong might have been poking out of Lita's pants for the longest time, but other than that she was the most of clothed out of all the divas.

Sable might be despised in the business, but she knew her damn role.
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