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Originally Posted by IrritatedTrout View Post
There was only one lame thing about this show. Fucking crowdsurfers. Everything was totally fine all through Overkill and halfway through Testament. Some pitting but whatever, that's fine as long as it's contained to the people that are choosing to be part. But during Riding the Snake and Eyes of Wrath, the two deepest cuts of the whole set, the shitheads got riled up. It got bad, some of the worst surfing I've ever had to deal with. It overwhelmed security at some points and a few surfers (quite deservedly!) hit the cement fucking hard. Crowd surfing is the stupidest thing you can do at a show. You're putting yourself at risk, you're putting everyone you force yourself over at risk, and you're putting security at risk. The guy next to me got his arm fucked up when a surfer went over him and landed on his arm that was on the barrier. His forearm was out over the barrier and the surfer landed on it and bent it over the barrier. It appeared to be swelling quickly. Fuck that shit.
I agree with everything here. I've seen plenty of people get hurt doing this. Not only the ones who decide to surf but people like myself and others who are just trying to watch and enjoy the show and don't want a human body falling on top of us for no good damn reason. The main issue with surfing is that you're watching the stage so you don't see them coming until you get knocked it the head or something by one of them. What's the logic behind crowd surfing anyways? I've never got it. It seems to me anyone with a functioning brain would recognize the danger of it. I guess I give people too much credit.

There are ways to avoid it though. Not being up on the rail is the best option. You'll get hit by just about every surfer there is if you're up there. Being up front isn't always the best way to see a show. Stay away from where all the crowd activity is if you can. Your experience will be much more comfortable and enjoyable.

When I see this show on sunday they're playing a 1,000 capacity venue and my guess is the place will be about half full or just a little more than that. There will be plenty of room for me to wonder around and find a good spot and enjoy the show without any disturbances.

Nice review
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