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Took a ton of time to type this up. A few non metal things in there, but most of it is Rage Against the Machine & side projects.

Alice in Chains – Dirt
Alice in Chains – Black Gives Way to Blue
All shall Perish – Awaken the Dreamers
All shall Perish – This is Where It Ends
Animals as Leaders – Selftitled
Animals as leaders- weightless
Anthrax – Armed & Dangerous
Anthrax – Spreading the Disease
Anthrax – Among the Living
Anthrax – State of Euphoria
Anthrax – Persistence of Time
Anthrax – Sounds of white Noise
Anthrax – We’ve Come for You All
Anthrax – Worship Music
Armored Saint – March of the Saint
At the Gates – Purgatory Unleashed- Live at Wacken
Baroness –First & Second
Baroness – Red Album
Baroness – Blue Record
Baroness – Yellow & Green
Beastie Boys –Solid Gold Hits
Beastire Boys –Hot Sauce Committee Part 2
Bereft – Leichenhaus
BTBAM – Selftitled
BTBAM – The Silent Circus
BTBAM – Alaska
BTBAM – Colors
BTBAM- The Great Misdirect
BTBAM – The Parallax
BTBAM – The Parallax II
The Black Dahlia Murder – Nocturnal
The Black Dahlia Murder – Deflorate
The Black Dahlia Murder – Ritual
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath – paranoid
Black Sabbath – Master of Reality
Black Sabbath – Vol. 4
Black Sabbath – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Black Sabbath – Sabotage
Black Sabbath – Heaven & Hell
Black Sabbath – The Mob Rules
Black Sabbath – Dehumanizer
Bonded by Blood – Feed the Beast
Bonded by Blood – Exiled to Earth
Born of Osiris – The New Reign
Born of Osiris – A Higher Place
Born of Osiris – The Discovery
Brendon Small – Galaktikon
Carcass – Symphonies of Sickness
Cerebral Bore – maniacal Miscreation
Chimp Spanner – All Roads Lead to Here
The Contortionist –Exoplanet
The Contortionist – Intrinsic
Crosses – EP 1
Cynic- Traced in Air
Cynic – Re-Traced
Cynic – Carbon Based Anatomy
Cynic – The Portal Tapes
Death – Scream bloody Gore
Death – Leprosy
Death – Spiritual Healing
Death – Human
Death – Individual thought Patterns
Death – The Sound of Perseverance
Death Angel – The Art of Dying
Death Angel – Killing Season
Death Angel –Relentless Retribution
Decapitated –Winds of Creation
Decapitated – The Negation
Decapitated – Carnival is Forever
Deftones – Adrenaline
Deftones – Around the Fur
Deftones – White Pony
Deftones – Selftitled
Deftones – Saturday Night Wrist
Deftones – Diamond Eyes
Deftones – Koi No Yokan
Dethklok – Dethalbum
Dethklok- Dethalbum II
Dethklok – Dethalbum III
Devin Townsend – Ziltoid
Devin Townsend – Addicted!
Devin Townsend – Epicloud
Evile – enter the Grace
Evile – Infected Nations
Evile – Five Serpent’s Teeth
Exodus – Fabulous Disaster
Exodus – Tempo of the Damned
Exodus – Let There Be Blood
The Faceless – Planetary Duality
The Faceless – Autotheism
Fleshwrought – Dementia/Dyslexia
Ghost – Opus Eponymous
Goatwhore – Blood for the Master
Gojira – End of Time 7”
Gojira – Le’faunt Sauvage
Guns N roses – Appetite for Destruction
Guns N roses – Chinese Democracy
Hatriot – Heroes of Origin
Havok – Time is Up
Heaven & Hell –Tthe Devil you Know
High on Fire – The Art of Self Defense
High on Fire - Surrounded by Thieves
High on Fire – Blessed black Wings
High on Fire – Death is this Communion
High on Fire – Snakes for the Divine
High on Fire - De Vermis Mysteriis
Ihsahn – The Advesary
Ihashn – Angl
Ihsahn – After
Ihsahn – Emertia
Intronaut- Void
Intronaut – Prehistoricism
Intronaut - Valley of Smoke
Iron Maiden – Somewhere in Time: Greatest Hits
Job for a Cowboy – Genesis
Job for a Cowboy – Ruination
Job for a Cowboy – Demoncracy
Judas Priest – British Steel
Judas Priest – Ram it Down
Judas Priest – Painkiller
Kill Devil Hill – Kill Devil Hill
Megadeth – Peace Sells
Megadeth – Rust in peace
Megadeth – united Abominations
Megadeth – Endgame
Meshuggah – Contradictions Collapse
Meshuggah – Destroy erase Improve
Meshuggah – Obzen
Meshuggah – Koloss
Metallica – Kill ‘Em All
Metallica- Ride the Lightning
Metallica – Master of puppets
Necrophagist – Onset of Putrefaction
Obscura – Cosmogensis
Obscura – Omnivium
Obscura – Illegitimation
Pallbearer – Sorrow & Extinction
Pallbearer – Live 10” Scion EP
One Day as a Lion - Selftitled
Overkill – Ironbound
Overkill – The Electric Age
Periphery – Periphery
Periphery – Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal
Protest the Hero – Fortress
Protest the hero – Scurrilous
Rage Against the Machine – selftitled
Rage Against the Machine – Evil Empire
Rage Against the Machine – Battle of Los Angeles
Rage Against the Machine – Renegades
Revocation – Chaos of Forms
Royal Thunder – CVI
Rush – Clockwork Angels
Scale the Summit – The Collective
Sepultura – Chaos AD
Sepultura – Kairos
Shadows fall – Retribution
Skeletonwtich – Beyond the Permafrost
Skeletonwitch – Breathing the Fire
Skeletonwitch – Forever Abomination
Slayer - Show No Mercy
Slayer – Haunting the Chapel
Slayer - Hell Awaits
Slayer – Reign in Blood
Slayer – South of Heaven
Slayer – Season in the Abyss
Slayer – Decade of Agression
Slayer – That Cover Album
Slayer – Divine Intervention
Slayer – Diabolous in Musica
Slayer – God Hates Us All
Slayer – Christ Illusion
Slayer – World Painted Blood
Steel Panther – Feel the Steel
Steel Panther – Balls Out
Street Sweeper Social Club - Selftitled
Street Sweeper Social Club – Ghetto Blaster EP
The Sword – Age of Winters
The Sword – Gods of the earth
The Sword –Warp riders
The Sword – Apocryphon
Tenet – Sovereign
Tesseract - One
Testament – The Legacy
Testament – The New Order
Testament – Practice What You Preach
Testament – Souls of Black
Testament – Demonic
Testament – The Gathering
Testament – The Formation of Damnation
Testament – Dark Roots of Earth
Veil of Maya – ID
Vektor – Outer Isolation
Warbringer – War Without End
Warbringer – Waking Into Nightmares
Warbringer – Worlds Torn Asunder
White Zombie – La Sexorcisto
White Zombie – Astro Creep 2000
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