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Cancer Bats -- Montreal, QC -- February 12th, 2013

Venue : La Tulipe-Montreal, QC
Bands : Cancer Bats + Dance Laury Dance + Nodirectionhome + Call Of Saints + Turning Tides

This show was amazing. When I arrived at the show, there was a band called Nodirectionhome. They play a post-hardcore with pop punk influences. I did like some parts of their songs, but I found there pop punk portions was very badly put into their song. After them came Dance Laury Dance. They are from Montreal, so they were many people for them. They're playing a Heavy Rock'n'Roll Metal. They played for 45 minutes and the pit started at the first riff .Then Cancer Bats, they destroyed the stage literally. There was some stage dives and a lot of pit during their set. They played for a good 1h30 of good song.

Cancer Bats (not in order) :

Bricks And Mortar
French Immersion
Road Sick
Drunken Physics
Lucifer's Rocking Chair
Smiling Politely
Sleep This Away
Trust No One
Pneumonia Hawk
Scared To Death
Prey For Darkness
Sabotage (Beastie Boys cover)
Hail Destroyer

Don't be too bad with me. It's my first review.
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