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So I figured it's about time to come out and let everyone in on the OMG SUPER AWESOME COOL THING THAT MIGHT HAPPEN BUT PROBABLY WON'T that I was talking about last month...

I haven't been very active on FB for quite a long time, but I still log on occassionally to post band related junk and check my messages (at least I do when I have a computer )... but one day I logged on and had a message from ASHMEDI of MELECHESH.

He saw my drum cover of "Grand Gathas of Baal Sin" and really dug it, so much to the point that he reposted it on Melechesh's personal FB page...

But to get to the point of this post, he told me he was going to be in the US for a while and wanted me to come and jam with him .......... . It would involve traveling to where he was, which I am fine with, when I don't have so much going on in my life. I responded to him saying that it would be an honor, and tried to strike up a convo... but he never responded after the original message

So I am not sure if he just thought it'd be fun to jam since I know how to play some Melechesh songs, or more... but either way, that made me feel so awesome that one of my biggest musical idols asked me to jam
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