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Originally Posted by slapguitarer View Post
I will say it wasn't as epic, but it's because I feel there's a different tone to the record. As where Lapsus was more about betrayal, this seems to be more about Lucifer's vengeance, and the start of the war between him and the false god. He's angry and wants to get his word out and expose the false god's lies. I don't usually think the music is intertwined with lyrics in a lot of metal, but it seems to be with Light Bearer, even if Alex only writes the lyrics.
Agreed. I have to remember that these albums are meant to be experienced as a cohesive work of art. This is such an impressive undertaking. I can't think of another band I love that puts this much thought and passion into creating a collection of albums. The artwork, lyrics, melodies, songs are all painstakingly created and I can't wait for the next two albums.
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