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Originally Posted by IrritatedTrout View Post
Great that it's getting a CD release too, great that the encores have been included, great that the DVD has the Birch mix and a new Shirley mix, great that we get the next History part and 12 Wasted Years, bummer that they didn't use the original art. I like the horse image a lot but they are using it to death. This should definitely have the original motorcycle image on the front. Also, I wonder which mix is on the CD.
Pretty much a guarantee to be the new Shirley mix, I imagine.

So, too much bass and thin guitars it is!

Originally Posted by Wrecking Crew View Post
So does this mean they won't be releasing a video of their current Maiden England tour?
I expect that's the exact reason they've re-named this one "Maiden England '88", so they can release "Maiden England 2013" next year.

Should have used the original cover art for this one though, instead of relegating it to the second disc in each configuration. Then they could have used the appropriate new cover art for the new one.

Won't be rushing to get this either way though, as I have the original.

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