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Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post
Punk shouldve added "I'll be on Smackdown if you want your title back" to The Rock.
That means the Rock would be working more than one WWE show a week. We can't have that.

I think Ziggler cashes in at the PPV after the Del Rio/Show match and wins the title and Jericho wins the chamber setting up Ziggler/Jericho for the world title at mania. Del Rio can get his rematch on smackdown sometime before mania since it's not until april 7th, they've got some time to kill between next monday and mania.

I know Del Rio is the champ and you've gotta make him look strong but why the hell did they have Sandow job to him in less than two minutes? Sandow is one of the WWE's best rising stars right now and the match should have at least been a good competitive ten minutes.

That was pretty awesome when Cesaro kept swinging Miz into the barricade. You don't see stuff like that too often and that's one of the many different things Cesaro does that's makes him stand out from the rest of the roster. If he's not world heavyweight champ at some point this year I will be very disappointed.
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