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This setlist is wrong, i was there


2)Do Not Look Down
4)Behind The Sun
5)The Hurt That Finds You First
6)I Am Colossus
7)Catch 33
11)Break Those Bones
12)Straws Pulled At Random
13)New Millennium
14)Dancers To A Discordant System

Animals As Leaders

1)An Infinite Regression
2)Earth Departure
3)Tempting Time
4)Wave Of Babies
5)Cylindrical Sea


1)Milk Leg
2)The Welding
4)The Literal Black Cloud

Intronaut - By far the best band on this tour, and one of the best performances I'll probably see all year, their sound was extremely tight and pretty much flawless, I definitely need to see them with a longer set - 10/10

Animals As Leaders - My 3rd time seeing them and I enjoyed them but they are starting to get a little old, they played the same songs they've always played, a decent addition to the tour but the weakest band on it for sure. - 6.5/10

Meshuggah - Holy fucking shit these guys were intense, I have not experienced a crowd/pit like that since Sleep, which I know sounds odd at first, but the atmosphere was pretty similar, they played most of my favorites, I would have liked Demiurge though, what did suck though is the vocalist had the flu so he didn't sound great half the time but he did great for the most part, but they were awesome nonetheless - 8/10

Overall an extremely heavy and extremely loud set, but definitely worth the ticket price, definitely go check out this tour if it comes near you.


Meshuggah shirts were $25, hoodies were $50, CDs and beanies were $10

Animals As Leaders - Shirts were $20, CDs $10

Intronaut - Shirts were $25, CDs were $10 each or all 3 for $15, they also had a pre order card for their upcoming album for $15, vinyl for their first album for $25, Valley Of Smoke for $20, and they had buttons for idk how much.

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