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Originally Posted by Chris_M_S View Post
Also, weird that they only really seem to sell merch for faces (other than Ziggler). No Cody Rhodes shirt, even though they're plugging it hard on TV, no Rhodes Scholars Reunion shirt, no Sandow shirt, and HOW THE HELL does Cesaro not have proper merch yet? Dude has been champion since September or some shit.
Did they have Punk merchandise? It's hard to believe they wouldn't. They're losing money at house shows if they don't sell that stuff. I understand having mostly merchandise for the faces but even if they're a heel, if they're on that card and they have merch, they should be selling it. They won't be the hot sellers that the Cena stuff is but the WWE can still make money from them.

I remember when the Great American Bash came here in 2005 and Christians captian charisma shirt sold very well. I was waiting in line to get one for awhile only to find out they were sold out of the shirts in my size. I got an Undertaker shirt instead. Now Christian was being booked as a heel at the time but his character was getting very over. He got one of the best pops of the night at the show. Now due to how close Buffalo is to Canada there were probably a lot of people who came down from there and were Christian fans. His character was getting over pretty good on RAW to though. The guy did make some money for them at that PPV, that's all I know.

There's always people who will cheer the heels and buy their merch. The WWE should take advantage of this at house shows. Even the lowest band on the mayhem fest bill has some merch to sell at each show.
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