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77.Billion Dollar Babies - Alice Cooper

1.Hello Hooray
2.Raped & Freezin'
4.Billion Dollar Babies
5.Unfinished Sweet
6.No More Mr. Nice Guy
7.Generation Landslide
8.Sick Things
9.Mary Ann
10.I Love The Dead

Genre: Shock Rock/Hard Rock

Alice Cooper is the king of the genre "Shock Rock", with stage features including guillotines, electric chairs, baby dolls, etc., point is he knows how to scare people.This album is a classic record, as most people would agree, with great anthems and 70's rock guitar riffing.Highlights include the sometimes overlooked "Generation Landslide", the necrophilia inspired song "I Love The Dead", and the best song on here, "No Mr. Nice Guy".There's not much more to say about this album other than it rocks and everyone who calls themselves a rock fan should enjoy it.

Standout Track:
"No Mr. Nice Guy"
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