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Originally Posted by WOLVERINEKILLS View Post
Its not you. I would happily trade 5FDP, In This Moment & even Rob Zombie for only SoaD or Black Sabbath as headliner. Give the mainstage bands more time & go with a quality headliner who hasn't played before.
Exactly. This repeat headliner stuff I think is turning people away because they've already seen some of these bands headline mayhem before. I've been in support of dropping a few bands and giving the headliners more time since this tour started. None of the rumored headliners for this year are anough to make me wanna go. Since both Sabbath and Alice In Chains have new albums out this year, they should've done whatever they could to lock them up as the headliners. Now that would been a double headline bill that myself and a lot of other people would go to see.

Unfortunately, i'm guessing both Sabbath and AIC are booked up for festivals in Europe this summer.
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