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Nice review of the house show. Next time WWE has one here I should go. It's way better than both RAW and Smackdown because you actually get wrestling and there's not so many stops for commercials/changing ring aprons and recap videos.

I really think they should bring back the New Age Outlaws for a little while. Maybe have them comeback for like two years to help out the tag divison. They don't have to compete year round but maybe give them a special deal where they do something for the big shows like Summerslam, Rumble and Mania. Kind of like what Taker and HBK were doing a few years back. Work six months out of the year and then have the other six off.

Billy Gunn is still in great shape and while I haven't seen him in the ring in a few years, i'm guessing he can still go pretty good. Road Dogg was never in great shape to being with so I don't think that will be an issue if he came back. If he worked out a few days a week on a tredmil he should be OK to come back for awhile. He was the one who always got his assed kicked in their matches anyways and then he would make the tag to Billy who would save the day. You don't need to be in that good of shape to pull that off.

I read Punk got injured the night before when Miz was attempting to do a stalling verticle suplex on him, lost his balance and Punk landed almost directly on his head. Why the hell is a weakling like Miz doing a move like that? There's a reason powerhouse guys like The British Bulldog did that move, it's because they have the upper body strength to pull it off. Miz does not.

So was AJ wearing those really tight jeans that make her ass pop out so perfectly
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