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OM -- Vancouver, British Columbia -- February 10th, 2013

FINALLY got to see AL from Sleep play bass tonight, it was a wonderful show. Originally sold out but I managed to get front of the line and got one of the last tickets at the door.

Emiel (from Grails) is a killer drummer, his fills are fantastic.

Al and Emiel played with a 3rd member on stage who did Keyboards, Tamborine and Vocals, plus some guitar here and there.


Meditation is the Practice of Death
Cremation Ghat I
Cremation Ghat II
State of Non-Return
Gebel Barkal
Bhima's Theme

Merch was: 25$ for a Long Sleeve, 20$ for a short sleeve, 15$ for a CD (Advatic Songs or God Is Good only), 25$ for Vinyl (including Confrence Of The Birds Picture Disc), 25$ for a LTD Poster of the tour.

oh and Sir Richard Bishop (one man guitar/vocals) opened, he was doing some random noodling for a while, covered some Primus song with lyrics talking about Porno shop's. Entertaining bit I guess.

Great show all in all.

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