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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
After reading through how they broke down the storyline, I don't even remember any of that stuff after hornswaggle was revealed as Vince's son. Regal and Coachman babysitting him and the thing with Carlito, absolutely no recollection on my part at all. I must've either changed the channel or if I was watching it on DVR I must have just fast forwarded through all those segemnts. I have taken breaks here and there from wrestling over the years. Usually they're only a month or two at a time or when Rey Mysterio was world champion. Maybe this stuff happened while I was on one of those breaks. I remember the whole lead up to the reveal but nothing after it.

Anyways, nobody mentioned on here the big news of the week, Bruno Sammartino is being inducted into the WWE hall of fame.
That's pretty groundbreaking, epic news. But unfortunately even someone my age barely knows who he is. I think I saw a grand total of one of his matches in my life, the one at the first Wrestlemania. But it is good to see someone who REALLY deserves to go in get in.
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