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Originally Posted by tenchimyo View Post
Yes, in my full review I go into a bit more detail

They had the new CD (raise your fist...) for $15 (Amazon pricing was like...$13 I think, so I figured why not just get it here, help out the Metal QUeen), I got a copy myself!
they also had the 2DVD/CD retrospective for like $30 (actually not that bad a price). I hope you get a chance to meet her, I had to roll out to get to sleep and stuff X_X;

post how your experience is/was/whatever!
The CD from did arrive the day of the show, fortunately for me. Immediately after her awesome set, Doro started signing autographs from the stage. She got moved to the merch table and it kind of became a mess. Fortunately I was not alone so that helped pass the time. I got a picture with her. I also got the new CD signed, and I got the inside of a really, really old Metal Forces magazine signed. The mag was from 1985 and it had a bunch of top 10 lists. "Dorothee Pesch" was listed as the top female vocalist of 1984. Ronnie James Dio was listed as the top male vocalist. It had a picture of each person who was at the top of a category. I was expecting her to just sign it and move on but she made a huge deal out of it. She said she had never seen it and she had her drummer take a picture of the cover and the page she was on. (It was from 28 years ago so maybe she saw it and forgot...) She asked my friend who took my picture with her to take a picture of her with the magazine. So he did. But then she said "no, maybe I make the metal sign?" (You know how German she sounds.) So he took her picture again with her giving the horns. It was so funny and random. She asked if I had another one and I said I did not. She said if I do to please give one to her. So I said I would (like I know how to send it to her). The magazine has Anthrax on the cover from the Armed and Dangerous era and I got it signed by Joey Belladonna.

I take videos of the bands for this particular promoter so eventually I will upload a song each from Sister Sin and Doro to my youtube page at

My friend and I also interviewed Sister Sin beforehand for so I will also be uploading that to youtube.

You were spot on in your description of how happy Doro was to be there. She played a pretty small venue in Columbus, Ohio called Ace of Cups, but she acted like she was playing at Wacken. She was incredibly fan-friendly, just like the guys in Accept and Kreator were back in September. Maybe it's a German thing?
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