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Turisas -- Toronto, Ontario -- February 9th, 2013

This show was all kinds of awesome. Phantom kicked things off and they are the next version of Ash Lee Blade (another Toronto traditional heavy metal band). These guys were intense. Their bassist had a perfect Steve Harris tone and was shredding throughout the set and the guitar player/singer was also very impressive. I planned to buy their EP, but my friend wanted to wait until after Turisas to buy it, by which time they had already packed up. I know they played these songs, but also a few more:

The Powers That Be
In Metal
Killing Concubine

Stolen Babies was terrible. It was weird for the sake of being weird. They have no business on this tour, and were the only low-point of the show.

Firewind were beyond good. They were slotted for 40 minutes and only played 35, but it was the best 35 minute set I've seen. I was right in front of Gus G (to the point where I couldn't hear the PA as well as I could hear his amp). He is an unbelievably talented musician. He looked like he put no effort into his playing, but still had awesome stage presence. The new singer sounded ok. I didn't hear him as well because of where I was standing, but he could definitely pull it off live. I was really impressed with Bob Katsionis. At one point, he was playing a keyboard and guitar solo at the same time They definitely need to come back and play a longer set!

Wall of Sound
Head Up High
Destination Forever
Few Against Many
World on Fire
The Fire and the Fury
Mercenary Man
Falling To Pieces

Turisas was better than I was expecting. They are great performers, and I actually recognized a few songs. I don't know how much I would listen to them normally, but I know they are a band that is much better live. The set looks the same as all the other days. It seemed a bit short, but it didn't bother me.

The March of the Varangian Guard
Take the Day!
To Holmgard and Beyond
A Portage to the Unknown
One More
Five Hundred and One
The Dnieper Rapids
The Great Escape
Miklagard Overture
Stand Up and Fight
Battle Metal
12/5 - Phantom
12/17 - Havok
12/23 - TSO
1/13 - Enforcer, Warbringer, Cauldron, Exmortus
2/27 - Sacrifice
3/4 - Voivod, Vektor

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