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Title Fight -- Brick, NJ -- February 9th, 2013

This show was great. Seriously one of the best to come to NJ in a very long time. This is gonna be kind of a short review because I'm tired and have work in 7 hours. First was my homies in Blind Justice, I've known these guys for a while and seen them a bunch of times, it was cool to see them on a bill like this. They're killing it. Also most of the set are a little out of order but I got pretty much all the songs in each.
Blind Justice (8/10):
Losin' It
Desperate Times
New Song
Consider Me Gone

Agitator played next but I don't like them and don't know their songs. (1/10). Next.

Beware played, this is my like 4th or 5th time seeing these guys, they're pretty sick.
Beware (7/10):
When It Comes Around
Where Did We Go Wrong
Never Meant
Changing Face
All I Need
Cross My Mind

Stick Together was cool, I've seen them a few times.
Stick Together (7.5/10):
Drugs Suck
View of One
New Song
End It
Take The Pain
Don't Get Caught
Actions Speak Louder
Stick Together

The first band I was super stoked for, The Mongoloids. I love this band, I haven't seen them in almost 3 years and I've been a fan since I was like 16. They played and absolutely killed it.
The Mongoloids (9.5/10):
Times Trials
New Song
Alive and Well
True Colors
New Song
Troubled Waters
Old Intro
Mongo Stomp
Still Ill

Now Blacklisted was originally supposed to play but sadly they had to drop the show, which really bummed me out. However Turnstile picked up their spot. Turnstile was cool, not a good as I expected but still sick.
Turnstile (7/10):
The Dream
New Rules
Heavy Hands
New Song
Pressure To Succeed
The Things You Do
Death Grip

The best band of the night in my opinion was Cruel Hand. They were a special guest and got announced the morning of the show. I was stoked, they're one of my favorite hardcore bands and I've never gotten to see them before today. They absolutely killed it and had the best set of the night.
Cruel Hand (10/10):
Cruel Hand
Above and Below
Day or Darkness
Begin Descension
Dead Weight
Under The Ice
New Song
House Arrest
Life In Shambles
Broken Glass
Lock and Key

Last but not least was Title Fight. Now I like this band, I like their first 2 cds a lot, not a fan of Floral Green however. This was my 7th time seeing them and I'm kinda over it, I wish they picked a better headliner, but you can't really hate on their live shows. Lot of crawling on heads, singing along and stage diving, always a fun time
Title Fight (7.5/10):
Numb, But I Still Feel It
Secret Society
Loud and Clear
You Cant' Say Kingston Doesn't Love You
Safe In Your Skin
No One Stays at The Top Forever
Head In The Ceiling Fan
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