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Meh. No reason to make a thread in the propaganda section but this ones for the slayer fans...meh..

On the status of SLAYER guitarist Jeff Hanneman, who has been absent from the road for the past two years while he is recovering from contracting necrotizing fasciitis, likely caused by a spider bite:

King: “You probably know more than me, dude. Believe it or not. [laughs] You know, not to make it sound weird, but when you get off tour, you scatter. And I don’t talk to him [not] because I hate him, I don’t talk to him because I had enough of him. I don’t talk to Tom [Araya, bass/vocals]. The only reason I talk to Dave is ’cause we rehearse all the time. When I get off tour, I just wanna go chill and be ‘Kerry,’ not ‘Kerry King,’ you know what I mean?! But the best I know, I talk to my manager, he talks to [Jeff] periodically, and he’s still trying to get back in the game.”

On whether Jeff is part of the songwriting process for the new SLAYER album:

King: “Not yet. I have enough material to do it on my own, if need be. But I’m open; if Jeff comes to the party with some material, hell yeah, I’ve got extras.”

On whether he will play all the guitar parts on the new SLAYER album and whether SLAYER‘s fill-in guitarist Gary Holt (of EXODUS fame) will appear on the record:

King: “No, no, no… I’ll play all the guitars. But I mean, I’ve been playing all the guitars for years anyway — except for Jeff‘s leads.

This interview took place at the NAMM convention show over here in Anaheim at the end of last month. Pretty lame if you ask me. Sounds to me that Jeff is pretty much out of the band, i mean shit its been like two years now. Also this isn't really a slayer album if its just Kerry King written all over it. Then again I should shut the fuck up since I love God Hates Us All.

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