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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Really? There was a notorious moment at the hight of Hornswoggles "popularity" where Carlito was chasing him around the locker room. Hornswoggles grabbed a big black marker and drew a hole in the wall and ran through it. Carlito looked all confused and tried to go after him and bashed his head off the wall. Like in an old Bugs Bunny cartoon. It was hilarious!!!!!

I wish I could forget that moment. I don't think Carlito stuck around much longer after that.
I just looked it up on youtube and I have never seen that segment before. What year was that? 2007 maybe? I don't even recall their being any kind of feud with Carlito and Hornswoggle. Carlito still stayed around for a bit after this though. He was waring the ring attire he had as a singles competitor in the video. Before he left WWE he formed a tag team with his brother Primo and his hair was longer and he wore pants instead of trunks. They had the tag titles together and were the team that unfied the RAW and Smackdown tag titles.

Not too long after they lost the titles Carlito left because of a painkiller addiction and he refused to go to rehab when the WWE asked him to. I wouldn't mind seeing Carlito come back, he would be a nice addition to WWE's weak midcard right now.