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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Khali is good for them in India but that shouldn't matter anymore, it's obvious now he just can't do anything. He's at the same level of bad that Andre The Giant was at the end of his career right now. Get him out of the ring, the guy is just painful to watch.

What the fuck are they doing with Natalya? The diva's division is dead right now and they've got a lady who is nice looking, can go in the ring and can talk yet they're doing this shit with her. If they want to revive the diva's division then make her face of it and rebuild it around her. One things for sure, she has way more talent than Khali and Horswoggle, yet she gets pushed less then they do.


Pretty much all of this. Seriously Khali looks like he's gonna just collapse one day in the ring.
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