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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
I'd venture a guess that you've never seen them live, then, because this statement is the exact opposite of why true TOOL fans love them. Their musicianship is impeccable live - they are just as tight on stage as they are on album - and the visuals are out of this fucking world. A TOOL show is almost a religious experience.
I've seen them three times, dude. Each time I saw them it was basically the same damn thing. Everyone standing still, Maynard standing in front of a big screen with trippy shit going on. Yes they are tight as fuck and great musicians as well, but their performances have never done a whole lot for me. One of my older buddies said he had been to a few Tool shows in the mid-90's and said they were some of the craziest shows ever. It's fucked to think that they were all that crazy with the shit they do now. My wife went to one Tool show without me because it was on the same night as the Sacrifice reunion show. She said it was much different than usual and Maynard was all over the stage. I believe her but I'm glad I chose Sacrifice anyways.
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