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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
86.Stakk Attack - Wrathchild

1.Stakk Attakk
2.Too Wild To Tame
3.Trash Queen
5.Kick Down The Walls
6.Alrite With The Boyz
7.Sweet Surrender
8.Law Abuzer

Genre: Glam Metal/Sleaze Rock

Wrathchild where the first sleaze rock band ever formed, and maybe even the first glam metal band in general ever formed.This album rocks from start to finish, with every song being sleazier than the previous one, and also in true sleaze fashion have incorrectly spelled songs ("Stakk Attakk", "Shokker", "Law Abuzer", etc.). To pick a few highlights is not an easy task with this record, but I would have to go with album closer "Wreckless", party-anthem "Alrite With The Boyz", and the best one of the record "Too Wild To Tame".The guitar tone on this album is also worth mentioning, it has a real dirty-fuzz tone that is killer in my opinion, so for those of you who like that sound will like the guitar work on this album.A great record for glam metal/sleaze rock fans, might also attract average metal and rock listeners.

Standout Track:
"Too Wild To Tame"
It's funny in my "Best Songs" thread I touched on the lawsuit between these posers and Wrathchild America. I wondered if anyone listened to them and apparently someone did. Good to know Shannon Larkin from WA is in Godsmack and Brad Divens from WA it a Tour Manager for Garbaga and other bands. I wonder what these clowns are doing these days...
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