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Dream Black Flag Setlist

Im going to do 3. Two are the current BF line ups and one will my dream BF line up.

Black Flag(2013 reunion Ron/Greg):
1.Jealous Again
2.(new song)
3.(new song)
4.Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
5.White Minority
7.(new song)
8.(new song)
9.Police Story
10.Clocked In
11. Drinking And Driving.
12.My Rules
13.This Is good
14.Rise Above
16.No Values

1.Nervous Breakdown
2.Fix Me
3.I've Had It
5.Slip it In
6.I Love You
7.White Minority
8.Police Story
9.No Values
10.No More
11.Can't Decide
12. Jealous again
13.Clocked In(Dez on vox)
14. Thirsty and Miserable(Dez on Vox)
15.American Waste(Dez on Vox)
16.Iv'e Heard It Before (Dez on vox)
17.Rise Above(Both)
19.Six Pack(Dez on vox)
20. Revenge

now heres my dream set with my dream line up.

Henry Rollins - Vocals
Greg Ginn- Guitar
Chuck Dukowski - Bass
Robo- Drums
Dez- Guitar/back up vox

1.I Won't Stick Any Of You Unless And Until I Can Stick All Of You!
2.Six Pack
3.Spray Paint
4.Drinking and Driving
5.Black Coffee
6.The Crazy Girl
7.Police Story
8. Retired At 21
9. Room 13
10. I Love You
11. This Is Good
12.Fix Me
13. No Values
14.White Minority
16.American Waste
17.No More
18.Thirsty And Miserable
19.Damaged I
20.The Bars
21.My War
22.Slip It In
23.TV Party
24. Nervous Breakdown
25. Rise Above
12/3-Lil B
12/10-Agnostic Front?
12/18-Code Orange?
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