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Originally Posted by Chris_M_S View Post
Oh so having your experience marred by the ignorance of other people can just be easily written off, never mind, I take it all back

You chose to focus on the meatheads rather than on the completely awesome band on the stage in front of you, the completely awesome sounds filling your ears, and the completely awesome visuals taking place all around you. Sounds rather weak, if you ask me. Know how I know this? Because you claimed that there were "12,000 meatheads" in the crowd. In other words, you let the shenanigans of a few folks get to you so badly, that you let your imagination run wild and multiplied those few meatheads times about a thousand. I realize you were just being figurative and it's not really about the numbers, but still dude. Really?

Personally, no amount of asshole fans - which every band has, by the way - could ever totally ruin a show for me. Piss me off, yes. Ruin the entire experience? No fucking way. Especially not something as monumental as a TOOL show.

Sorry to the other readers of this thread for the above rant, but I've just about had it up to here with people ripping on this band because they have a few douchebag fans. That's just stupid logic any way you slice it.
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