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Originally Posted by Wizard in Black 666 View Post
stick to your break downs and Death Core bands and stay da hell away from any Tool Thread(just like how i stay away from any of those goddamn shitty death core crap that i see get posted around these neck of the woods)

I was only 14 when they were so called "huge" and their music introduced me to a whole other universe of incredible music that I had not known existed... until one day my mom played the song "Sober" in her car. Their music(as well as slayer and sepultura) made a huge impact on my life growing up in Middle school/high School. I sure as fuck know and see what the big fuss is about tool. Some people don't, and you are one of them..

I apologize about my little rant as i got some what butt hurt from that comment.

carry on with the thread, people.
hahah I don't see how you got butthurt from it. Taking it a little too personally.

I guess I grew up in a area where they weren't too popular. No one mentioned them really or wore too many TOOL shirts and the only only person I knew who a HUGE TOOL fan even admitted that it might be a little tough to get into. I gave them a ton of tries and just never got into them.

All I said was I don't see the big fuss about them. You took it a little too personal from it and then inserted the same old "stick to your core blah blah blah" comeback that everyone that can't see someone Else's opinion comes back with.

I also don't see the whole deal about getting high before / during a show but you wouldn't know about that would you
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