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Originally Posted by Chris_M_S View Post
I got to the first show of theirs that I went to (fall 2001, Dallas) and was all excited, thinking it would be nerdy dudes like me who really looked into the meaning of songs and broke down the structures, but instead it was like 12,000 meatheads shouting FUCKIN' TOOOOOL and PLAY THE SOBER SONG and moshing as hard as possible, so that shattered my reverie pretty quickly
Yup, sounds about right. My 2009 show experience was pretty good, as the amount of dipshits around me was pretty slim. The show I saw last year, however, was a completely different story. The two douchebags next to me clearly didn't know any of the songs, and spent the entire show talking about which girls in the audience they would "definitely bang." Fortunately, they left before Lateralus, so I was free to spiral out.
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