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Turisas -- West Springfield, VA -- February 5th, 2013

full review w/ pix

Saw Turisas, Firewind, Stolen Babies, and Aether Realm at Empire last night. \m/

Aether Realm- only saw one song so I just know they sounded like a muffled Amon Amarth. perhaps worth investigating. guy was wearing a bear skin

Stolen Babies- punky/ska/dark/ harsh vox, I don't know what exactly to call them. I thought I was going to walk to the bar and avoid them after a couple songs, but I listened to their whole set and they were OK. I would not go see a headline show, but I wouldn't not listen when they open for another band. Pit on the last song by a really drunk guy

Firewind- sounded GREAT. New singer was fine for the most part. I woulda changed some of the songs (more from Allegiance !). Crowd got really into it and even pitted on some songs (uhm ok)

Turisas- I still think I really don't 'get' them just yet, cause I enjoy it, but not nearly as much as the maniacs who are in the pit on every song. especially songs that IMO are not really good for pits. I thought Firewind put on a better show for like 80% of Turisas's set.

The crowd was very rowdy, pits on most songs, jumping, fists in the air, some headbanging, and jigging of course. There was a bit of singing/shouting along, and nearly everyone in the crowd was moving in some aspect, so that was fun.

My friend asked if they were going to play 'Rasputin,' and I had to say that it was not on the GA setlist... sads. So after Battle Metal, the house lights came on, but people were still rowdy. This was the first time I've seen a band actually (allegedly) listen to the people and play another song (unless they had planned that, but 1) they didn't play it before and 2) the house lights already came on). So that was pretty badass. So at around that point I think Turisas pulled ahead of Firewind.


  • Wall of Sound
  • Head Up High
  • Destination Forever
  • Few Against Many
  • World on Fire
  • The Fire and the Fury
  • Mercenary Man
  • Falling To Pieces

  • The March of the Varangian Guard
  • Take the Day!
  • To Holmgard and Beyond
  • A Portage to the Unknown
  • One More
  • Five Hundred and One
  • The Dnieper Rapids
  • The Great Escape
  • Miklagard Overture
  • Stand Up and Fight
  • Sahti-Waari
  • Battle Metal
    Encore 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
  • Rasputin (Boney M. cover)
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