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Originally Posted by PVH5150 View Post
A mere dusting for you guys. Didn't you have like 10 feet (literally) of lake effect snow a couple winters ago?
No it's not a mere dusting for us. Yes, we get our fair share of snow and we're used to it but that much snow coming down really messes things up. It's not like our lazy as fuck plow drivers in this area come around at all and help out either. Rochester and Syracuse are colder and get more snow than us all the time yet we get all this shit for having bad weather. It's because we have a pro football team and more people are able to see what it's like here but overall we are not the worst in the state when it comes to winter weather.

I don't know about that lake effect stat but if it did happen it certainly wasn't in the city. The towns south of the city get it much worse than us, so if that did happen it was there. If we get 8 inches in the city the south towns will get something like 16-20 inches. That's why our ski resorts are down there.
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