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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
That's what happens when you've got too many great songs to choose from. Something is gonna get left out. Of course they don't need to do four songs off The Gathering either. They could do two and leave room for one song each off Low and Demonic. While their set is good it's still a bit odd that they're ignoring their best selling albums. Nothing off Souls Of Black or Ritual and only the title track from PWYP. Yet, The Gathering is their worst selling album and it gets represented just as much as the material from the new album. Very strange.
Well dude picking a set according to album sales isn't going to matter in this type of music. Souls of Black and The Ritual may have sold more than The Gathering, but most fans will tell you The Gathering is one of their best albums and the other 2 albums are some of their least favorites... But i see what you're saying. You would think they would put more "Dark Roots" material in there.
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