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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
83.Under The Blade - Twisted Sister

1.What You Don't Know (Sure Can't Hurt You)
2.Bad Boys (Of Rock N' Roll)
3.Run For Your Life
4.Sin After Sin
5.Shoot 'Em Down
7.Under The Blade
8.Tear It Loose
9.Day Of The Rocker

Genre: Heavy Metal/Glam Metal

Twisted Sister was one of the first glam metal bands to come out of existence.Though their image surely was glam, there music really leaned to more of a heavy metal style.This album is a truly underrated metal album, with most people thinking "Stay Hungry" is there best work.Great highlights include the heavy metal anthem "What You Don't Know (Sure Can't Hurt You)", the most underrated Twisted Sister song "Sin After Sin", and the best one of the whole thing "Bad Boys (Of Rock N' Roll)".This album is surely a all killer no filler album, that all rock and metal fans should enjoy.

Standout Track:
"Bad Boys (Of Rock N' Roll)"
Great album.

Destroyer is my favorite track.
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