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The Shield vs. Ryback/Sheamus/Cena in the chamber is a good idea. They should at least have two chamber matches at the show and this would put a nice twist on the usual format.

Of course Rock can't do a chamber match. It's enough for him that Punk will show him up again. In the chamber he would have five guys showing him up in the ring and we can't have that. Cena gets a lot of shit from some fans but at least he busts his ass and does macthes like the chamber, ladders, tables ect. You won't get that out of The Rock.

I love that even when Punk was injured he still showed up at the arenas for RAW and still appeared on camera. The fans weren't even worthy enough last night to get one of Rock's long winded "live via satellite" promos. That really shows what he thinks of the fans and the business. As long as you keep lining his pockets with merchandise and movie ticket sales is all that matters. The Rock doesn't give a shit about the fans or wrestling. It's so damn obvious, how come so many people still fall for his shit?
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