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Originally Posted by Chris_M_S View Post
It was kind of badly paced, tons of video packages and 'last time on Raw' and stuff. And the drawn out off-site nonsense with ADR and Big Show was a bit of a waste of time.
Yep. Cesaro/Ryback and Punk/Jericho were good macthes. Punk's promo at that start was very good as well. Henry coming back and squashing the masked midgets was awesome. It's always nice to see the overrated and always overpushed Meysterio go splat after Henry gave him the Vader bomb. I just can't believe how many recaps they do, it's such as waste of time and benefits nothing and nobody. Thank the gods I watch this show on DVR and can fastforward through most of this garbage. I don't know how anybody can watch this trainwreck of a show live week after week?

As if I needed anymore justification as to why The Rock is my most hated wrestler ever, last night just proves it. He's been coning his fans for over a decade now. Talking all this shit about how he loves them and the wrestling buisness, yet he only shows up when there's movies to promote and when it fits his schedule. He's the champ and couldn't ever bother to clear his schedule for two months to appear on every RAW leading up to mania. He's a hypocritical piece of shit and I hope the fans wake up to this at some point. He is no doubt the greatest con man to ever be in the buisness. Nobody who says he loves wrestling and the fans should ever miss a RAW/house shows going into mania as WWE Champ.

I hear that he's supposed to miss at least 2 other RAWs. I hope there is a serious fan backlash when he does show up because of this. But I doubt it since the Rock has everyone brainwashed into thinking he's something much greater than what he is. Seriously, what the hell is the appeal of his character? He's the most annoying wrestler of all time.