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Originally Posted by kalfitegrdan View Post
Not even Hellrider? That's still one of my favorite Priest tunes.
I like Hellrider, Deal With the Devil and Demonizer, but Judas Rising is the only song from AoR that I feel should have a permanent slot in a Priest setlist. You're totally entitled to your own opinion though, so if Hellrider is a favorite for you, right on! That's what I love about Priest, everyone has their own era and albums that they connect with.
Brocas Helm/Hatchet/Exmortus/Midnight Chaser 11/22
High on Fire/Kvelertak 12/12
Exodus/Nails/Hellfire (???) 12/20
Neurosis/Bl'ast!/YOB (???) 12/29

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