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Alright I'll start the review now and post the interview later when i have more time.

The night started off with me hanging out with Royal Thunder and doing my interview with all 3 members. it was a lot of fun and really cool people to hang out with. After our interview they gave me a t-shirt for doing the interview, I thought that was awesome.

The show started off with Ancient VVisdom and it was a much different show then when I saw them open for Ghost back last January. Nathan Opposition is no longer singing and playing percussion, just vocals and the chains. The guitars were a little off key all night and the last song The Opposition, Nathan decided to use raspy vocals instead of cleans, which was very strange, but overall they still put me in the trance that I was in last year that got me into the band. Same set as posted in the other Enslaved thread.

Royal Thunder was up next and they were just killer. 3 piece Doomy, Alternative Psychedelic Rock. She has a killer voice and bass skills. I don't remember the setlist but it was only 4 songs and a half hour long.

Pallbearer was up next. I've been waiting so long to see these guys and I felt so sorry for them. The worst part of everything was the vocals were 100% inaudible...and I was front row center! Also near the end of the first song, the left side of the drumset fell part. the floor tom legs fell and knocked over the floor tom and 2 cymbals. i felt so bad and wanted to go up there and fix it for him. But if you look at it the way I did, it was a 40 minute set of Instrumental Melodic Doom Metal.

Finally, there was Enslaved, and with no pun intended, they slayed! Every song was top notch. Roots Of the Mountain (Debate me all you want, this is their best song ever written) is even better and even more epic live.

During Thoughts Like Hammers there was an....incident. I notice that the drums pretty much stopped except the snare to keep everything going, for about 20-30 seconds. After the set we were told that the drum monitor caught on FIRE during the song and he had to unplug the monitor and pour water on the monitor to put it out, otherwise we all could have ended up in smoke. So you can thank Cato Bekkevold for saving out lives last night.

Merch was for the most part reasonably priced. 20 dollar shirts, 40 dollar hoodies, CDs were 15 bucks. I bought an Enslaved shirt and an Ancient VVisdom shirt, and was given a Royal Thunder shirt.

Overall, it was a killer, almost death defying night.
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