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Originally Posted by PVH5150 View Post
Don't know why people are calling Painkiller a "comeback" album.

A change of pace, most definitely, but not a comeback. Ram It Down came out in 88, Painkiller came out in 90. They weren't coming back from anything.

Angel of Retribution is the Priest comeback album.
Painkiller was absolutely a creative comeback. I actually like Ram It Down and Turbo a lot, but they were definitely a few rungs below the early 80s stuff and a huge step down from the 70s albums. Hell, I'd argue that Painkiller was Priest's most artistically significant album since Stained Class. As awesome and amazing as those albums from Hell Bent for Leather onwards are, they really did see them trying to pander to a commercial audience.

Angel of Retribution was their return to being a significant force in the metal world, but it really was kind of Priest on autopilot. For me anyway, Judas Rising is the only song from that album that's really stood the test of time.
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