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Not sure why everyone creams over Monotheist so much. That song in question is good but as a whole it doesn't really hold up. The Triptykon album was what Monotheist should have been.

Originally Posted by PVH5150 View Post
Don't know why people are calling Painkiller a "comeback" album.

A change of pace, most definitely, but not a comeback. Ram It Down came out in 88, Painkiller came out in 90. They weren't coming back from anything.

Angel of Retribution is the Priest comeback album.

The thing is not only was Turbo perceived as a sellout, it was released at a time when not only Priest was getting up there in age, but thrash was peaking in just starting to permeate the mainstream. While I wasn't there, the consensus seemed to be that Priest was going to be another victim of thrash's replacing of the old guard and tossing them by the wayside. Ram It Down was a good album IMO, but it just wasn't strong enough to get their spot back (Johnny B. Goode as the single and the song for a box office bomb didn't help). Painkiller, however did exactly that. That's why it was a comeback. Of course than Rob had to fuck it all up by crashing his motorcycle on stage.
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