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Originally Posted by christopher View Post
Everyone is all about Strife right now. They're a hardcore band from the early 90s that just put out a new cd that is really awesome. I unfortunately missed the Pomona show due to lack of funds and time, but I heard it was crazy! They played inside the bar. Imagine the Slidebar without an official stage, that's how the show would have been like.
That sounds fucking crazy man. Yeah I got the idea that they have been around for awhile because the singer said a couple times that they've been around for twenty years. Also the part where he said "were gonna take you back to 1995" also gave it away ahahha. Sadly I'm a noob to this band but after seeing them last night I am definitely going to check their stuff out. I had a feeling they were popular because the place got a hell of a lot more empty once Cro Magz came on. It was still packed but I felt like Strife had the place way more clogged up. I never seen the constellation room so packed. My friend and I were all the way in the back during strife but once Cro Magz came on we were in the very front so that should you give an idea of how popular strife is. Hope to see you some time soon buddy. It's been too long amigo..
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