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Originally Posted by Wizard in Black 666 View Post
Yup. They were the last band right before Cro Magz came on. They were fucking awesome. Definitely digged what I saw and heard. A good portion of the crowed came just for them because the place seemed a lot more empty once Cro Magz came on, but then again it might have just been because of the area I was standing in. Strife sound was really great as well, super crystal clear and HEAVY. They played a pretty decent set as well. Came on around 10:50ish and were done around 11:20ish I believe. Did you go to the pomona show Chris? Unfortunately I didn't run into Tregeht.
Everyone is all about Strife right now. They're a hardcore band from the early 90s that just put out a new cd that is really awesome. I unfortunately missed the Pomona show due to lack of funds and time, but I heard it was crazy! They played inside the bar. Imagine the Slidebar without an official stage, that's how the show would have been like.
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