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Cro-Mags -- Santa Ana, CA -- February 3rd, 2013

Band: Cro Magz
Opening Band: Strife
Venue: The Constellation Room
Location: Santa ana, California
Source: Sepultura69
Date: February 3rd, 2013

World Peace
Show No Mercy
Crush the Demoniacs
Street Justice
Seekers of the Truth
Signs of the Times
Life of My Own
Right Brigade(bad brains)
Attitude(bad brains)
Don't Tread on Me
We Gotta Know
Hard Times

*I know for a fact that I am missing like two or three songs. I know one or two of them were cover songs. Bad Brains I believe. If any one was at this show and would like to fix my mistake please do so. Muchos gracias *

This was my first show for 2013 and I gotta say it was indeed a great way to start what i can easily say will be one amazing year of shows. Last year my first concert for 2012 was heavy doom death brutality brought out by the boys of Autopsy, but this year my first show was a little different...


Thats right baby, I saw the legendary cro mags last night and i gotta say the show was nothing short of a fun filled ride full of stage diving roller coasters and pit fiestas. I'm not gonna sit hear to bitch and moan about how harley and the others are gone and how this is a "cover" band like some people do, but I will say that this current formation of cro magz kicked my ass, and took me to hell and back. Loud bass driven rhythems combined with heavy riffings mixed with johns awesome exaggerated singing brought out a nice set filled with classics from the first record leaving me in a head nodding frenzy. Only complaint I have is I wish the band played a little longer. They came on around 12:10 in the morning and the set was over by 12:50 AM. None the less i had a great time and the band sounded fantastic especially near the end of the set. At times it got a little too intense in the front for me with stage divers after stage divers pummeling into one another. BUT that is to be expected at these type of shows. Highlight of the show was "Hard times". My god that entire placed exploded with stage divers and crowed surfers colliding into one another like a bad train accident waiting to was fucking beautiful...

None the less this was a great way to start 2013. NYHC LIVES ON MOTHER FUCKERS.

Peace Folks

or should I say?...




8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer

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