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Originally Posted by JBR_XVI View Post
I was at this show.

Pallbearer were truly outstanding. 'Sorrow And Extinction' was my favorite album released last year. The new song they played sounded very promising. Their setlist was:

"An Offering Of Grief"
"The Legend"
new song

Enslaved was really good. I really enjoyed 'RIITIIR', so it was great hearing some of the best tracks from that album live. ... On their set list, it read "Allfadr Odinn/Slaget I Skogen." They only played "Allfadr Odinn." ... To clear something up, they did not play another song in between the Led Zep cover and their encore. They just went into a brief proggy jam as that cover song winded down. Also on their setlist, the encore had "Fenris" in parentheses before "Isa." Cato came on and did a brief drum solo, then they went straight into "Isa." It would've been awesome if they played the intro part of "Fenris" as a segue into "Isa." How can one not headbang to that riff/drumbeat?
Excellent information! Thank you for the clarification.

(Pallbearer seemed like the crowd was into them, but I wasn't diggin them. )

ah, need to correct my notes with that Enslaved info~~
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